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Statement of Purpose

Through the adoption and use of uniform techniques, the networking of member therapists, and adherence to the principals of ethical conduct, it is the purpose of this Association to promote in practice referrals and training the therapy of Hands-On animal massage, worldwide as effectively in the assisting of preventative and curative treatment of

animal muscle injuries and their resulting performance problems.

Equissage, Inc, nor The IAAMT promotes or condones massage in place of proper veterinary care. 

The International Association of Animal Massage Therapists (IAAMT) was founded by Equissage, Inc. as a way to support those who earned their certificate through its programs in Equine and Canine Massage Therapy. Equissage is one of the most established programs and most recognized names in the Equine Sports Massage therapy industry.  

Our members are offered the support of The IAAMT. The support offered can range from verifying membership and certificate information to assisting members when it comes to issues that can arise. The support will be given if the principles are upheld and adhered to. Referral assistance is given and yearly newsletters are emailed to our members as well.  They are also offered the camraderie found within the Equine Sports Massage therapy industry. 

In return, we only ask our Equissage-trained members to adhere to the principles outlined in our Statement of Purpose, as well as the massage sequence taught by the Equissage instructors. We ask our Members to not use any machinery when giving a massage. We fully believe that it detracts from the true purpose of the giving (and receiving) a massage to a horse or dog. For more information on Equissage, please visit their website at 

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